Slot Game - Revenge Rescue Bonus 27%

(you need to apply for the event first before making a deposit)

Event Time | 2023/03/01 00:00 – 2023/12/30 23:59

new player

2023/3/1~Long term

When you are losing slot machine games every day,

HappyDay can help you win.

If you complete the deposit on the next day, you can get a certain percentage of the game loss of the previous day, and HappyDay will give you an additional 27% bonus.

(you need to apply for the event first before making a deposit)

Amount of loss



(Amount of loss*1.0%)


(Amount of loss*1.0%)


(Amount of loss*2.0%)


(Amount of loss*2.0%)


(Amount of loss*3.0%)


(Amount of loss*3.0%)


(Amount of loss*4.0%)


(Amount of loss*5.0%)


(Amount of loss*6.0%)

Bonus calculation example:

Example : Andrew lost 56,789 ₱ in SLOT GAMES on 7th Jan.

RevengeBonus: (56,789*3.0%)=1703.67 ₱

Valid bet: 【(RevengeBonus)*6】【1703.67*6=”10,222″】

Rule of activity

1.All slot games only

2.The offer is only applicable to electronic fishing games

(If you play other games, the total turnover will not be counted. Also, all bonuses and profits earned by the system will be deducted and will not be refunded)

3.This activity calculates the [Loss Amount] of all slot machines from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 every day

4.Valid wagering requirements (revenge gold x6)

5.By participating in this promotion, you automatically agree to our terms and conditions

(you need to apply for the event first before making a deposit)

Terms & Conditions

1.Promotion is limited to each account with the same IP, phone number, email, bank account and can only be used once.

2.Any illegal betting behavior or risk-free betting will be canceled and disqualified from receiving bonuses.

3.HappyDay reserves the right to forcibly cancel the promotion or membership due to fraudulent behavior.

4.HappyDay reserves the right to execute, correct, explain and terminate this activity.

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